Circa 1969 or maybe it’s
1970; this featured photo
from the archives is of
the Four Sunns. This band
certainly wasn’t the first
band that Angelo belonged
to, but it was the most
prolific band of his youth.

The Four Sunns was formed
while all its members were
entering Junior High in the
late sixty’s. Although, the
early 70’s were the band’s
busy years, they actually
continued to perform
together until the late 80’s,
when a combination of
geography and family
obligations slowly brought
the band to a halt.

Despite their tender age,
this band had paying gigs
from Philadelphia to the
resort area of Laurel Lake,
New Jersey. Even though
they were a rock band at
heart; they did play mostly
old pop standards which
dated, as far back as, the
1920’s. This material made
them a popular choice for
multi-generational events
such as weddings, class
reunions and other private
celebrations, which became
their main playing arena.

The members appearing from
left to right are:
Jim Renner, Joe Casmere,
Angelo Melasecca and
Dave Rugis.

Credits for the photo go to
one of the band member’s
parents; although, through the
years its exact origins have
become lost.