Angelo M. @ Johnstown Folk Fest Labor Day Weekend

The Johnstown FolkFest has been an annual event since 1990 and is one of the Nation's largest FREE music festivals. It features a variety of genres on 4 stages over the course of 3 days.

And as the pictures suggest the weather held and things went great! The featured photos and the photos accessable via the hyperlink to the right are from Angelo's performances at the festival.

Angelo M. played two sets to a very appreciative crowd on Friday night and on Saturday the crowd at the AmeriServ Stage where he performed swelled even larger as those traveling to the festival from states, as far away as, South Carolina and Florida arrived.

The response from Saturday afternoon's crowd was so energizing Angelo picked right through his break turning the intended two 45 min sets into one 2 hr set and Angelo received a standing ovation for the show!

The reception Angelo received after his performance in many ways was overwhelming; many people took the time to wait to speak with Angelo letting him know how much they enjoyed the show, and extended their support by signing the mailing list and or picking-up CDs.

The words of these new fans best expresses why "overwhelming" is a good descriptor of Angelo's experience at Johnstown: Vicki DiGuardi, recently joined Angelo's mailing list and wrote: "I just saw Angelo at the Johnstown PA FolkFest! He was the very BEST act there. What a major Talent.
I (along with many other Johnstowners) am a fan and am buying his CD. We hope that Angelo comes back to Johnstown FolkFest!"

And Gregory Rys wrote: "Wow, got the CD and heard you at the J-town FolkFest. You were the highlight of the festival this year." You gave the audience a real live lesson in the history of the various styles of fingerpicking blues."

In addition to having a great time playing and talking with new fans Angelo also had a chance to meet and enjoy the talents of many of the other performers at the fest. And as he put it " "This is a great music festival, in a great town, and a great way to spend Labor Day Weekend!"

Angelo would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who came to the show and all who gave their feedback and support afterwards via joining the mailing list and buying CDs, and SPECIAL THANKS to the Johnstown Area Heritage Association, Festival Staff, Festival Sponsors and all the Volunteers who's countless efforts together make a GREAT FESTIVAL.